Trebilcock Coffee Roasters

Our Story

Trebilcock Coffee Roasters are an independent father and son micro-roaster with a small but might roastery in Pickering, Ontario that custom roasts premium specialty coffees from around the world.

Father & Son Roastery

Located in Pickering, Ontario

Trebilcock Coffee was born more than 10 years ago when David, Tim and John (father, son and son) started getting serious about coffee. These three guys burned through espresso machines, grinders, home coffee roasters and other brewing paraphernalia while, all along, experimenting with exotic single origins and various blends.

A passionate interest plus encouragement from some well established coffee professionals, led to David and Tim establishing Trebilcock Coffee Roasters. Before they had even settled on a company name, Tim had completed his first sourcing trip to Bolivia.

The Trebilcock Coffee team is **passionate about coffee and committed to sustainability, ethical acquisitions and building relationships beyond fair trade.**

To ensure the highest quality coffee measures begin at the source. Wherever possible Trebilcock Coffee works with and purchases directly from producers.

Green coffee purchases are transparent and ethical. All transactions support sustainable practices at both the farm and co-operative levels with the goal to develop long term relationships focused on the social and economic benefit to the producing community.

Green coffee samples are received at the roastery where they are inspected, roasted, and cupped. Cupping coffee is the systematic tasting technique used to evaluate the coffee’s aroma and flavour profile and it provides the final and critical assessment for green coffee purchases.

To provide the best tasting coffee possible, samples are often roasted to more than one profile to discover the “one” that will become the production roast profile.

The evaluation process is ongoing at Trebilcock Coffee with daily brewing and tasting.






Family Business



The Heart

Tim Trebilcock

Tim has the passion. He cares about the coffee, its quality and where it comes from. He travels to source visiting coffee producers educating himself and establishing enduring relationships. It is all about real connections with real people and, of course, really, really good coffee.

The Experience

David Trebilcock

As the old guy of the father-son partnership, David is the one who started the whole thing many years ago when he acquired his first serious espresso machine, and started roasting his own beans. His commitment to hard work, good coffee, and having fun remains alive and well.


The Origin of The Trebilcock Name

Funny Name, Great Coffee

The name Trebilcock is Cornish/English and dates back as far as the early 1300’s.

We can trace our specific line back to John Trebilcocke b: 1510, d: 1591. David’s great grandfather, John Dugga Trebilcock Jr., emigrated to Canada (Hamilton ON) in June 1886 at age 36 with his family.

The Trebilcock name, like the vast majority of Cornish surnames, is locational, and in this case from a place called Trebiloc near the village of Roche. It is first recorded in the annals of the county in the year 1302. The place name and hence the later surname, is believed to mean ‘The home on the cookoo’s hill’ from the Cornish medieval phrase ‘tre-pyl-cok’, although other explanations are possible. These include ‘The place (tre) on a hill (pyl) haunted by cookoo’s (cok),’ or ‘The place of the red-bill’, which would probably be a reference to the Chough, a now extinct bird with a red bill like a crow, which was much associated with Cornwall.

Premium quality

Each coffee order is custom fresh roasted, bagged, sealed, and shipped to get you at the peak of freshness.