Trebilcock Coffee Roasters

Our Story

A story of family, coffee, and shared values. Founded in 2011 by father and son, David and Tim Trebilcock, whose journey began with a passion for the perfect roast and a commitment to ethically sourced beans. Today, we continue their legacy, uniting families and communities through the joy of exceptional coffee.

Located in Pickering Ontario

Independent Specialty Coffee Roastery

Owners Chalo Fernandez, a 5th generation Colombian Coffee farmer, and his wife Diana are the dynamic duo redefining the Canadian Coffee landscape with a next level Farm-to-Cup experience!

Families United in Coffee

A Match Made In Coffee Heaven

In 2011, David and Tim Trebilcock embarked on a journey of passion and precision, launching Trebilcock Coffee Roasters. The father-son duo was not just driven by their quest for the perfect roast but also by their dedication to ethically sourced beans and fostering relationships that went beyond Fair Trade.

Serendipity struck when we googled “local coffee roaster” and walked through Trebilcock’s doors with a sample of green beans from our family plantation. This unexpected encounter blossomed into a deep friendship and a direct trade alliance. We even had the pleasure of hosting Tim and his partner Elke at Origin multiple times.

Tim and David have always gone the extra mile to share with us their industry knowledge and insight from both the roaster and consumer perspective. Their genuine affection for our family, combined with their respect for our craft, not only spurred us to innovate and enhance our farming practices but provided the opportunity for us to learn the art and science of roasting coffee.

Nearly ten years to the day of our initial encounter, we feel deeply privileged that we’ve been entrusted with their legacy. We have a lot of plans for Trebilcock Coffee Roasters – always with the goal of uplifting coffee growing communities and delivering our customers unparalleled coffee from every corner of the world – roasted to perfection!






Family Business



From Coffee Farmer to Coffee Roaster

The Best Coffee, Period!

As a coffee producer I have an intimate knowledge of coffee. It flows through my veins in a unique way! My siblings and I have internalized the wisdom and tradition bestowed on us by 5 generations and the knowledge shared with us by mentors, friends and global industry masters. We have combined this with thousands of hours of personal experience experimenting and measuring the factors that influence the taste and quality of coffee beans. We know the difference between commercial coffee, clean cup coffee and specialty coffee just by looking at it. You can count on Trebilcock Coffee Roasters to provide you with the freshest, most delicious and absolute best quality roasted coffee you will find anywhere! 

The Origin of The Trebilcock Name

Funny Name, Great Coffee

The name Trebilcock is Cornish/English and dates back as far as the early 1300’s.

We can trace our specific line back to John Trebilcocke b: 1510, d: 1591. David’s great grandfather, John Dugga Trebilcock Jr., emigrated to Canada (Hamilton ON) in June 1886 at age 36 with his family.

The Trebilcock name, like the vast majority of Cornish surnames, is locational, and in this case from a place called Trebiloc near the village of Roche. It is first recorded in the annals of the county in the year 1302. The place name and hence the later surname, is believed to mean ‘The home on the cookoo’s hill’ from the Cornish medieval phrase ‘tre-pyl-cok’, although other explanations are possible. These include ‘The place (tre) on a hill (pyl) haunted by cookoo’s (cok),’ or ‘The place of the red-bill’, which would probably be a reference to the Chough, a now extinct bird with a red bill like a crow, which was much associated with Cornwall.

Chalo is still working on pronouncing it properly.

Premium quality

Each coffee order is custom fresh roasted, bagged, sealed, and shipped to get you at the peak of freshness.