About Trebilcock Coffee Roasters

More than 10 years ago David, Tim and John (father, son and son) started getting serious about coffee. These three guys burned through espresso machines, grinders, home coffee roasters and other brewing paraphernalia while, all along, experimenting with exotic single origins and various blends.

A passionate interest plus encouragement from some well established coffee professionals, led to David and Tim establishing Trebilcock Coffee Roasters. Before they had even settled on a company name, Tim had completed his first sourcing trip to Bolivia.

The Trebilcock Coffee team is passionate about coffee and committed to sustainability, ethical acquisitions and building relationships beyond fair trade.

To ensure the highest quality coffee, control measures begin at the source. Trebilcock Coffee purchases directly from farmers or from sources who meet the requirements of their coffee sourcing policy pertaining to ethical acquisitions.

Green coffee samples are shipped to the roastery where they are inspected, roasted, and cupped. Cupping coffee is the systematic tasting technique used to evaluate coffee aroma and the flavour profile and at Trebilcock Coffee it provides the final and critical assessment for green coffee purchases.

To provide the best tasting coffee all samples are roasted to different profiles, each of them cupped to find the best roast profile possible. Profile roasting is crucial for obtaining consistent high quality coffee. 

The cupping process is repeated after each roast to verify quality and consistency in the cup.