Ethiopian Sidama Ardi

Medium Light Roast: Blueberry, Cocoa, Smooth.

Ardi is grown in the Guji region of Sidama by a group of about 90 farmers and is named after the oldest human skeleton ever found. It is a dried-in-the-fruit natural coffee with delicate blueberry tones and a hint of dark chocolate. Very smooth with a lovely lingering aftertaste.

Country: Ethiopia
City: Sidama
Town: Kilenso Moconissa
Altitude: 1050 - 1950 M
Varietals: Heirloom
Process: Natural

It turns out Ethiopia is the birthplace of more than just coffee. The oldest human skeleton ever found (over 4.4 million years old) was found in Ethiopia and named Ardi. Keffa coffee named this sweet coffee after our ancient ancestor.

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