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Chalo’s Colombian – El Descanso – Natural




Medium Roast: Winey, Smooth, Crisp

Double Fermentation – Aerobic & Anaerobic

“El Descanso” is the one of the two new offerings from our Colombian Direct Trade partner Chalo Fernandez (Chalo’s Colombian). REST is the literal English translation of the Spanish words El Descanso and rest is what Chalo’s team were finally able to do when they achieved the result they had been hoping for since they started experimenting with this lot in early 2018. After much trial and error, they perfected the double fermentation natural process to achieve a clean, creamy and aromatic cup with notes of chocolate, caramel, honey and stone fruits for you to enjoy.

Country: Colombia
Province: Huila
Town: Paicol
Producer: Chalo Fernandez
Lot: El Descanso
Altitude: 1450 – 1600 M
Varietals: Castillo
Process: Natural (Double Fermentation – Aerobic & Anaerobic)


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