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Country: El Salvador
Region: Ahuachapan
Producer: Andres Salaverria
Altitude 1500+ MASL
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Natural

El Salvador Buena Vista Andres Salaverria

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The Salaverria family has been in the coffee-growing business for over a century, with farms in several regions of El Salvador. Since childhood, Andres Salaverria has been passionate about producing coffee and in recent years has been very focussed on diversifying his family’s products and adopting new processes. We are proud to offer his new natural Bourbon lot grown at Buena Vista.
Buena Vista is a section of the El Molino Farm. The trees themselves are between 40-80 years of age. The name Buena Vista refers to the beautiful view that can be seen at their altitude of 1500+ metres above sea level.  The natural process lot is sun dried on clay patios and raised beds directly on the farm. Drying coffee at this elevation creates complex and interesting flavours in the coffee.

1 review for El Salvador Buena Vista Andres Salaverria

  1. Colin

    Delicious full of flavor and umami. Loved it another hand crafted gem. I highly recommended it.

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