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Country: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana
Town: Monte Verde
Producer: Rene Contreras
Processing Station: Monte Verde
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1450 M
Varietals: Bourbon and Pacas
Drying Time: 14 Days

El Salvador (Monte Verde)

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The Contreras family has been farming coffee on the volcanic slopes of Monte Verde for 5 generations. Samuel Denisse of Keffa Coffee (the importer of this coffee and our supplier) has been working closely with the current owner-farmer Rene Contreras. This has resulted in continuous improvements in varietal diversification, harvest and post-harvest practices, and processing techniques such as honey, natural and controlled fermentation processes.
We are delighted with this delicious and deceptively complex El Salvador Monte Verde Natural and we trust that you will be as well.

1 review for El Salvador (Monte Verde)

  1. Coffee lover

    This is one of my favorite honey processed coffees. Absolutely love it!

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