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Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jalapa
Estate: Moncada
Lot: El Zapote
Producer: Luis Balladarez
Altitude: 1,280 M
Varietals: H3
Process: Honey, SHG EP

Nicaragua (El Zapote)

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Luis Alberto Balladarez is a name synonymous with excellence in the specialty coffee industry. His coffee’s have consistently placed in the upper tier of the Cup of Excellence competitions in Nicaragua. Over the course of the last decade, Luis has been honing his skills and furthering his knowledge in specialty coffee practices. This has enabled him to produce high quality coffee offerings year after year. His constant experimentation with natural and honey processes have made him a renowned and noteworthy contributor to specialty Nicaraguan coffees and made him a reputable and respected figurehead in the country. We are always proud to offer coffee from Luis Balladarez.

1 review for Nicaragua (El Zapote)

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    For some reason I seem to really like Nicaragua coffee. My absolute favourite was La Esparanza but too bad that is no longer here but El Zapote is also excellent and my daily coffee for a long time now.

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