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Country: Nicaragua
Region: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia
Farm: Puma Collective
Producer: Ana Maria Carrasco
Altitude: 1650m
Varietals: Catura, Catui
Processing: Washed

Nicaragua (Puma Collective)

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For as long as Ana Maria Carrasco can remember, her life has revolved around coffee production and
the horticulturally rich atmosphere of her grandparents’ farm. This deep appreciation from her
earliest memories has now carried into her adult life, where alongside her husband, Juan Manuel, she
has embarked on her own personal journey in coffee production.

Ana Maria admits that the pressures of being a female coffee producer were there from the
beginning, but it was her family’s support that gave her unyielding confidence in her abilities. At first,
she observed and learned from her husband’s efforts on his newly acquired farm (Mosunse) and, as
she describes it, “I wanted to absorb as much information as possible from any resources at my



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