Trebilcock Backstory (and it’s a good one)

Okay, let’s rewind a bit. Over 10 years ago, David and his two sons, Tim and John, went down a serious coffee rabbit hole. We’re talking wild experiments with espresso machines, grinders, and trying to roast beans at home without setting off every smoke alarm. From mixing exotic beans to crafting those smooth blends you love – man, it was a caffeine-fueled adventure!


How We Stepped Up Our Game


With our caffeine levels high and dreams even higher, David and Tim, fueled by nudges from some cool coffee gurus, thought, “Why not start our own gig?” And bam! Trebilcock Coffee Roasters was born. Fun fact: Tim was so pumped that he jetted off to Bolivia for bean sourcing even before we had a company name. Talk about jumping the gun, right?


What We’re Really About


Apart from being total coffee nerds, we’re big on doing things right. That means sustainably sourced beans, ethical choices, and building legit relationships that go beyond just business talk. We love shaking hands with the producers, seeing where our beans come from, and ensuring everyone involved gets a fair deal.


Getting That Perfect Cuppa


Once our green coffee beans roll into our roastery, the real fun begins. We roast, we taste, and then we do it all over again to get that flavor profile just right. And trust us, there’s a LOT of coffee tasting. So much that we’re thinking of renaming it “Coffee Parties”!


Meet the Faces Behind the Beans


Tim Trebilcock: The heart and soul of our coffee adventures. He’s the guy hopping on planes, meeting with producers, and basically living the coffee dream. For Tim, it’s all about the real stories and, of course, mind-blowing coffee.


David Trebilcock: The OG coffee enthusiast! It all started with him and a fancy espresso machine many moons ago. If there’s anyone who knows how to blend hard work, killer coffee, and a good laugh, it’s David.


What’s in the Trebilcock Name?


Ever wondered about our unique name? ‘Trebilcock’ is an old-school Cornish/English name, going waaay back to the 1300s. Our family can trace roots back to John Trebilcocke, from the 1500s. And get this, our name means ‘The home on the cookoo’s hill’ – sounds mysterious, right?


So there you have it, the lowdown on who we are and how we got here. Next time you’re sipping on a cup of our brew, remember it’s not just any coffee – it’s a piece of our wild, wonderful journey. Cheers!