Father & son roasters.  Quality starts here.


We want to partner with people who share our desire to have the best tasting coffee possible.  Our assistance with equipment selection and ongoing support and knowledge will help to keep us on track wowing our coffee consumers.


We consider many factors when sourcing green coffee beans but quality and social responsibility are the most important.  We carefully create and develop custom roast profiles to bring out the best flavours and aromas in each of our coffees.


Freshness matters – It matters a lot.  Each coffee is fresh roasted, bagged, sealed, and shipped to get to you at the peak of freshness.

Committed to excellence

Why Serve Trebilcock

Our coffee is served in restaurants, cafes, offices, malls and many other establishments. Our service, quality and freshness position Trebilcock as the premium choice for brewers all over the world. We offer training and support to ensure you are providing the highest level of service and the best cup of coffee in the neighbourhood!



Our mandate is to contribute to the growth of the specialty coffee business by paying attention to the whole value chain from grower to consumer. We strive to make a positive difference every day in everything we do.

We support trading fairly with artisan coffee growers around the world.

Our support provides the resources to enable these growers to invest in sustainable practices and community infrastructure. 

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Premium quality

Each coffee order is custom fresh roasted, bagged, sealed, and shipped to get you at the peak of freshness.