Why We Love Chalos: Our Direct Trade Partnership with Chalos Coffee Producers

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Trebilcock Coffee Roasters is the relationships we build, especially with our direct trade partners. One such relationship is with Chalos Coffee Producers. Their story is as inspiring as their coffee is delicious, and today we want to share with you why we love working with them.


Shared Dedication to Quality

Chalos’ commitment to coffee cultivation is nothing short of inspiring. The love and care they pour into their coffee trees, all planted by hand, are unmatched. The Castillo coffee seeds they germinate have a unique flavour profile that shines through in our roasts.


Their dedication to preserving the environment is equally impressive. The 2,000 shade trees they’ve planted help nurture not just their coffee plants, but the ecosystem around them. It’s partnerships like these that allow us to uphold our promise of quality and sustainability to you, our valued customers.


Innovation Meets Tradition

Chalos seamlessly melds traditional methods of coffee production with innovative techniques. They’ve successfully combined the knowledge passed down from their ancestors with modern advancements. The infrastructural improvements, like the introduction of raised tables, mechanical dryers, and fermentation tanks, have been instrumental in enhancing the quality of their beans.


We value this blend of tradition and innovation at Trebilcock, and working with a partner who holds the same beliefs ensures that the coffee we roast is truly special.


Resilience in the Face of Adversity

The path to producing excellent coffee has not always been smooth for Chalos. They’ve navigated through obstacles like infestations, droughts, and even a global pandemic. Their resilience through these challenges is a testament to their passion for coffee and their commitment to their craft.


We respect and admire their tenacity and it’s a reminder of why we chose them as our direct trade partner. Their unwavering dedication encourages us to continually strive for the best in our own coffee roasting journey.


A Partnership Brewed to Perfection

Our direct trade partnership with Chalos is about more than just sourcing excellent coffee. It’s about supporting a family business that echoes our values. It’s about sharing a passion for the journey coffee takes from the farm to your cup. Most importantly, it’s about appreciating the hard work, resilience, and dedication that go into every bean.


So, the next time you enjoy a cup of Trebilcock Coffee, remember that you’re not just savouring a delicious brew. You’re also partaking in a story of tradition, innovation, and resilience from our partners at Chalos. Here’s to many more years of this fruitful partnership and the exceptional coffee it brings to your table.